Sridevi E from Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu holds the true spirit of an entrepreneur as she runs a successful tailoring unit near her home. Five years ago, the 36-year-old housewife, overcame the hurdles of poverty by starting her own tailoring unit besides her home. She used to earn an average of ₹ 150 per day which wasn’t enough for the family of five including two growing children.

Luckily for her, she was introduced to a Muthoot Microfin Relationship Officer at that time. Sridevi was very impressed by the hassle free loan proceedings of Muthoot and joined a JLG immediately. She received her first loan amount of   ₹ 10,000 and invested that amount in purchasing an advanced sewing machine and raw materials in bulk.

With the new scenario, Sridevi reached out to nearby villages and towns requesting stitching work. The approach paid off and she received good orders and worked tirelessly for the next three months. Her daily earning hit ₹ 750 within quick time.

Sridevi availed further loans from Muthoot and added more infrastructures to her unit to increase production. She hired two women and started taking orders from schools in surrounding villages. Sridevi now understands the benefits of saving, planning and budgeting, and how to create stable sources of income for herself and her family.

She wants to inspire other women to utilize their time and talents to create their own sustainable, small businesses to improve their families’ standard of living. Today, Sridevi invests most of her profit on her children, including their school fees and constructing her own house.

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