Dhanalakshmi from Thirunellai in Palakkad, a 44-year-old mother of two children, believes that determination and perseverance are the key drivers of success.

Ten years ago, Dhanalakshmi and her husband started a family business of making crispy bakery items at home. Unfortunately, a few years later both became ill and was unable to continue the business. The family experienced financial hardship, as they were unable to meet everyday expenses and children’s educational needs.

Even after they recovered, they were unable to continue the business due to lack of capital to start it all over again. At that time, she learned about Muthoot Microfin from a friend and decided to avail the services. Dhanalakshmi was provided a first cycle loan of ₹10,000 and she utilised the entire amount to purchase raw materials in bulk and upgraded the stove. Soon, her expertise enabled her to expand the product line and revamp the business.

She availed further microfinance loans from the company and slowly expanded her business. With fresh funds and possibilities, Dhanalakshmi began to earn profits up to      ₹1,000 a day. Dhanalakshmi’s determination ensured a better life for the family.

She is now able to meet all the household expenses and children’s education. She is very thrilled with the positive outcomes that have resulted from the success of the business, and her husband is very proud that she is able to contribute to the financial stability of the family.

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