For the last 6 years, Kaleeswari from Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu has been running a small shop near her home for internet browsing, photostat, printing and with sales of office stationaries, but only with a nominal income for the first 3 years.

However, her association with Muthoot Microfin three years ago changed things for good for the housewife turned micro entrepreneur. She availed her first microfinance loan of ₹ 10,000 from Muthoot and invested in her store.

The loans allowed her to expand the shop. She wisely used the loan to buy office stationary items specific to the many offices nearby. She paid attention to the changing needs of her clients and stocked items to meet the demand. Her attention to customer service enabled her to build a loyal cadre of customers.

After promptly closing the first loan, she availed second cycle loan of ₹ 40,000. With this money, she bought a new printer and photostat machine and added new internet packages at her shop. This substantially increased her profits. Her daily profit now reaches around ₹1000 from a meagre ₹ 250 before the loans.

With her business skills and access to working capital through loans from Muthoot, she has plans to open one more shop. Kaleeswari is one of many fine examples of an ordinary woman turned in to a successful entrepreneur. She is an empowered woman. Her determination and hard work, along with the support of Muthoot have empowered Kaleeswari to grow her small, local business into a flourishing one.

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