Thirty-year-old housewife turned entrepreneur Bismi M from Thenkasi in Tamil Nadu greets customers with a bright smile at her fancy shop. The mother of two childern runs her shop in Paraiyadi street, Thenkasi with loans from Muthoot Microfin. Her sales skill along with variety of items at the shop helped her business to achieve success to an extent that she pays for rent, household expenses and school fees for her children.

Four years back, Bismi’s smile was not that bright. Her husband’s daily wage was not enough for the family as they struggled to afford everyday expenses. A friend of her, who owned a fancy shop in another part of Thenkasi encouraged Bismi to start her own.

Despite her eagerness, Bismi didn’t had any capital to start the business. Luckily, she was introduced to Muthoot Microfin at that time and was briefed about microfinance loans and its opportunities.

She soon joined Muthoot and availed the first cycle loan of ₹10,000. She utilised the amount to rent a shop near her home and also to purchase items in to the shop to begin with. Bismi would set up her stand outside the shop to display and work until late evening. As her business grew, she took out second cycle loan of ₹35,000 and upgraded the store. Now, Bismi’s daily income has hit ₹900 from a meagre ₹300 in the beginning.

As the business grew, Bismi rented a larger and more comfortable house to accommodate her family. Her next dream is to build her own house and to open a new shop in the vicinity to expand

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