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Livelihood Solutions


Income Generating Loan

Income-generating loans are our principal loan product offered to women in rural areas, intended to provide capital for their small businesses. The loans are offered for businesses in multiple sectors. Income generating loans are backed with group guarantee in a joint liability group.

Loan Amount Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 60,000
Tenure 52/104 weeks 0r 12/24 months
Rate of Interest 21.85 % p.a. (Diminishing)
Processing Fee 1%


Dairy loan is offered to women for dairy development activities including purchase of new cattle. It is a joint liability loan for a group of economically active women engaged in dairy development as main/subsidiary activity.

Loan Amount Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 50,000
Tenure 104 weeks/24 month
Rate of Interest 21.85 % p.a. (Diminishing)
Processing Fee 1%


We have a considerable number of customers who seek loans for tailoring activities. In light of our customers’ need for sewing machines, we have entered into agreements with manufacturers for financing of sewing machines purchased by our borrowers.

Loan Amount Rs. 4,124/9,229
Tenure 52 weeks
Rate of Interest 24 % p.a. (Diminishing)
Processing Fee  1%