Investor Relations

Investors are integral part of the institution as their support ensures potential growth of the business. Investors with an insight into the mode and objective of the business help the organisation grow. Hence, the company considers it is important to address all the suggestions and grievances raised by the investors promptly.

Muthoot Microfin has a dedicated officer to receive investor grievances and to provide assistance on improving the business sentiment. The mechanism is aimed to boost investor confidence and ensure smooth running of the business.

For any queries, complaints or suggestions from the Investors, please contact the below designated officers.

Investor Grievance Redressal Officer

Praveen T
5th Floor, Muthoot Towers, M.G. Road
Cochin-682035, Kerala
Tel: +91 484-4277502

Compliance Officer

Neethu Ajay
Company Secretary
5th Floor, Muthoot Towers, M.G. Road
Cochin-682035, Kerala
Tel: +91 484-4277580

Debenture Trustees

Catalyst Trusteeship Limited

Office No.83-87, 8th Floor,
B Wing, Mittal Tower,
Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021,
Tel +91(022)4922 0555

IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited

Asian Building, Ground Floor,
17, R. Kamani Marg,
Ballard Estate, Mumbai – 400 001.
Tel: (91) (22) 40807020 M: (91) 9702074044

Stock Exchange Filings

Other notifications filed with BSE

Interest payment intimation – November 2020
Record Date Intimation – November 2020
Interest payment confirmation – October 2020
Interest payment intimation – October 2020
Record Date Intimation – October 2020
Interest payment confirmation – September 2020
Interest Payment Intimation – September 2020
Record Date Intimation – September 2020
Prior Intimation of Proposed BM
Record Date Intimation – May 2020
Interest payment intimation – May 2020
Interest payment confirmation – May 2020
Record Date Intimation – Apr 2020
Interest payment intimation – Apr 2020
Interest payment confirmation – Apr 2020
Record Date Intimation – March 2020
Interest payment intimation – March 2020
Interest payment confirmation – March 2020
Record Date Intimation-Dec 2019
Interest and Principle payment intimation – Dec 2019
Interest and Principle payment confirmation -Dec 2019
Record Date Intimation – Nov 2019
Interest and Principle payment Intimation Nov 2019
Interest and Principle payment Confirmation Nov 2019
Record Date Intimation – October 2019
Interest Payment Intimation -October 2019
Interest payment confirmation – October 2019
Record Date Intimation September 2019
Interest Payment Confirmation September 2019
Interest Payment Intimation September 2019
Interest Payment Confirmation June 2019
Interest Payment Intimation June 2019
Record Date Intimation June 2019
Interest Payment Confirmation May 2019
Interest Payment Intimation May 2019
Record Date Intimation May 2019
Interest Payment Intimation April 2019
Interest Payment Confirmation April 2019
Record Date Intimation April 2019
Interest Payment Intimation March 2019
Record Date Intimation March 2019
Interest Payment Confirmation March 2019
Appointment of Independent Directors
Interest payment intimation December 2018
Interest payment confirmation December 2018
Record date intimation December 2018
Interest payment confirmation November 2018
Interest payment intimation November 2018
Record date intimation November 2018
Interest payment confirmation October 2018
Interest payment intimation October 2018
Record date intimation October 2018
Interest payment confirmation September 2018
Interest payment intimation September 2018
Record date intimation September 2018
Interest payment confirmation June 2018
Interest payment intimation June 2018
Record date intimation June 2018
Interest payment confirmation May 2018
Interest payment intimation May 2018
Record date intimation May 2018
Interest payment confirmation April 2018
Interest payment intimation April 2018
Record date intimation April 2018
Interest Payment Confirmation March 2018
Interest Payment Intimation March 2018
Record Date Intimation March 2018
Interest Payment Confirmation – Dec 2017
Interest Payment Intimation Dec 2017
Record Date Intimation Dec 2017
Interest Payment Confirmation Nov 2017
Interest Payment Intimation Nov 2017
Record Date Intimation Nov 2017
Interest Payment Confirmation Oct 2017
Interest payment intimation Oct 2017
Record date intimation Oct 2017
Interest payment confirmation Sep 2017
Interest payment intimation Sep 2017
Record date intimation Sep 2017
Interest payment confirmation June 2017
Interest payment intimation June 2017
Record date intimation June 2017
Interest payment confirmation May 2017
Interest payment intimation May 2017
Record date intimation May 2017
Interest payment confirmation April 2017
Interest payment intimation April 2017
Record date intimation April 2017
Interest payment confirmation March 2017
Interest payment intimation March 2017
Record date intimation March 2017
Resignation of Director

Trustee Compliance

Liquidity Risk Management

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