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13 Oct 2015

From Blaming Destiny to Dreaming High

Jayanthi Place : Mugapur, Chennai “Few years back, I had been running from one bank to another hoping to get a small loan for the expansion of my business but everyone turned me down as I have nothing to provide them as collateral security. I thought my dream to start a small provisional store in our area will never come true until I was introduced to Muthoot Microfinance” Jayanthi recalls with a smile. Hardly three years ago, 38 year old…

13 Oct 2015

Remarkable turnaround with talent in hand

Girija Mohan Place : Parakodu, Pathanamthitta Parakodu is a small village in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta District where living standards of most of its inhabitants remain modest. 52 year old Girija Mohan and her family was one among the hundreds of families living in half poverty until her fortunes turned two years ago. Girija, her husband Mohan, who is a daily labourer, and their three children were entirely dependent on Mohan’s income which is not at all sufficient to meet their day…