Creation Investments

Creation Investments Capital Management, based in Chicago holds a significant minority stake in Muthoot Microfin Limited.

About the Company: Creation Investments Capital Management, LLC is a leading alternative investment management company with a focus on private equity investments in Microfinance Institutions, Small-and-Medium Enterprise lenders, Emerging Market Banks, and other BOP Financial Services Providers. Named a leading Impact Investment fund manager by ImpactAssets50 in 2011, Creation Investments currently manages several private funds and other investment vehicles for individual, family office and institutional investors. Together with portfolio companies, the investment company provides access to capital and needed products and services for those living in poverty to engage in small-business activity and income generation, significantly impacting those living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Currently, the company directly serve 8.1 million entrepreneurs with over $4.2 billion in small business loans outstanding. The company seeks to maximize financial and social returns on investment, creating significant wealth for all stakeholders, especially the end clients.